Librae is the network for female students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Our goal is to promote gender equality and stimulate diversity by supporting female students.

Librae is plural of Libra, the symbol of scales and based on the Scales of Justice which stands for fairness and balance that was held by goddess Themis (Lady of Justice).



There’s a high demand for more women in technology and leadership positions and the amount of female students at the TU Delft has been increasing. To ensure female students get the most out of their time at university, are confident and well prepared when they enter the job market, we are setting up a network to support female students in STEM. Role models are essential for the network to inspire and teach students by sharing their experiences.

We are excited to announce that we will be launching a mentorship programme for students (and recent graduates)! The goal of this programme is to connect students to a mentor who can help the students in pursuing their ambitions.

Following the success of the kick-off dinner organised by Librae in November 2019, where 50 female students had the opportunity to dine with 18 inspiring role models in a close and personal setting, we have understood that students can greatly benefit from gaining more support in pursuance of their ambitions. Due to the developments around COVID-19, there is a lot of uncertainty around the future of live events. Therefore as an alternative approach to events, we have decided to develop a mentorship programme, in which talentend and motivated students will be matched to a mentor who may provide support and guidance for the student in their aspirations.

Students & Recent Graduates

 The topic of gender equality has gained a lot of attention in the industry, but is hardly discussed among students. Therefore, we’re looking for students and recent graduates that would like to provide input on how the network could be most effective. What challenges are students facing, what do they need and and how can a network help them overcome these obstacles?

Role Models & Mentors

Role Models and mentors inspire students and have the potential to share their experiences with students and pass on advice and useful lessons that can shape a student’s future. It’s crucial to include role models from a diverse range of backgrounds and across all levels in developing our network. Whether it’s by contributing ideas, acting as an advisor, a mentor or simply being an inspiration or sponsor, everyone is welcome.

Companies & Organisations

Diversity has been proven to make a significant positive contribution to a company’s overall performance, in finance as well as innovation. To keep up with the pace of development, companies need to be included in the discussion of gender equality and diversity to attract the talent of the future. Supporting the network can provide companies with a unique and personal way to find and meet students who strive to use diversity as a strength.

Photos taken by Maartje Rempt Photography.

We’re currently developing the ideas for the network and future events based on the input from the kick-off event last Thursday. Miss the event, but would you still like to give input for how the network should look and what types of events we should do in the future? How often should we organise events? At what scale and what types of events? Should men be involved? Everyone’s ideas are more than welcome, no matter how crazy! Please share your ideas here. The more the merrier.

We are looking for new team mates to help us give shape to the network, online and through events and other activities. Do you believe in gender equality and diversity? Do you want to help open the discussion among students, role models and companies through events and media? Do you want to experience how it is to start your own organisation to work towards a social cause? Then join us, you can find more information here. The more the merrier.

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