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Anneke Hibma



‘As Senior Engineer, I have had to face interesting but, above all, rewarding challenges. For instance, I learnt a great deal in my position as Coordinator of the engineering work for the projects in Dubai and as Project Manager of Building with Nature. The knowledge I acquired has provided a solid basis for my present position as Engineering & Environmental Manager.’


‘For me, the Building with Nature innovation programme of the EcoShape Foundation is a highlight. Van Oord is one of the initiators and has contributed, together with other parties, to setting up this programme. We have a joint target: taking account of nature and the environment when working on marine engineering projects. I can see that our participation in this innovation programme and the implementation of corresponding projects is yielding benefits. I am regularly asked to advise on certain issues.’


Information on this page was obtained from an article written by Anneke Hibma.


The open character and the willingness to share knowledge are characteristics of our corporate culture.


Worldwide challenges


‘A few years ago, I started as Engineering & Environmental Manager for the Ichthys project in the Port of Darwin in Northern Territory, Australia. As this was my first assignment abroad, I found it rather exciting. What’s more, the work involved a number of challenges. That was because the Port of Darwin is home to turtles, dolphins, sea cows, coral reefs and seagrass. However, as a sustainable contractor, we try to avoid disturbing nature and the environment or we disturb it as little as possible.’




‘The open character and the willingness to share knowledge are characteristics of our corporate culture. Furthermore, there is a great deal of focus on personal development, so you never feel you’ve had enough of Van Oord. Working at Van Oord means giving everything you’ve got and requires flexibility, from both the employee and his or her family at home. This is balanced by the appeal of international projects, the unique locations and the exceptional issues relating to nature and the environment.’


Why is diversity important for Van Oord


We work worldwide and therefore come into contact with many different cultures and clients, therefore we can perform better if our personnel are also from a mix of cultures and ethnic backgrounds. With diverse employees we can also be more innovative, creative and solve problems better because employees have different perspectives.


What are we doing about it?


For the women’s aspect of diversity in the organisation, we organise small scale gatherings for women to exchange their experiences and support each other. Dependent on how this is received, we might grow this into a women’s network within Van Oord. Outside of Van Oord we participate in career events for women and this year we nominated a Young Talent for the election of Topvrouw (Top Women) of the year.

Why we are participating in the Librae Kick-off Dinner


To attract more female students to our company and demonstrate that women are also welcome in our world.

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