Mentorship Programme 2020

Following the success of the kick-off dinner organised by Librae in November 2019, where 50 female students had the opportunity to dine with 18 inspiring role models in a close and personal setting, we have understood that students can greatly benefit from gaining more support in pursuance of their ambitions. Due to the developments around COVID-19, there is a lot of uncertainty around the future of live events. Therefore as an alternative approach to events, we have decided to develop a mentorship programme, in which talentend and motivated students will be matched to a mentor who may provide support and guidance for the student in their aspirations.


*Although we have a strong preference for meeting in person, all events will take place online until COVID regulations allow otherwise.

For who?

This programme is exclusively for students in STEM, who are approaching the final phase of their studies (end of bachelor degree, in their masters or recent graduates). Are you ambitious, driven and do you want to work on your future? Then this is the programme you!

This programme is open to both international and Dutch students, as long as you speak English and/or Dutch. At the moment, most of our promotion will be done in and around Delft, but students from other universities with a background in STEM are welcome to apply.

Why join?

Whether you already know what you want to do after your studies or if you have no clue at all what you want to do, this programme aims to help you develop on a personal and professional level. We want to help you build confidence and overcome hurdles that may be stopping you from getting the most out of your time as a student.


We believe that by linking you to an inspiring mentor, you can learn from their personal experiences and gain individual guidance in your pursuits. Best of all you get to decide what you want to work on with your mentor.

What do you get?

  • One mentor, personally matched to your profile
  • One kick-off event
  • Three training sessions hosted by Wies Bratby on Finding a Job You Love
  • Additional training session(s) with a partner company
  • Together with the other mentees you form a group of like-minded, ambitious individuals (aka Librae Circle)
  • One event where all the mentees and mentors come together
  • Mentee buddy: matched to another mentee in the programme to keep closer contact with and exchange advice

When is it?

  • Starts in February and runs until July 2021
  • One-on-one sessions with mentor pairs to be decided between student and mentor individually (approximately 1 session per 4-5 weeks)
  • Mandatory: 3 training sessions hosted by Wies Bratby (13:00-14:00 on February 12th, April 19th and June 11th)
  • Optional: Librae Circle sessions with approximately once a month to discuss different themes, share the progress you have made with your mentors and exchange tips, advice or ask questions about personal or professional development.
  • Applications processed on a rolling basis, close on the 22nd of January 2021 but FULL=FULL.

How does it work?

At the bottom of this page you will find a registration form in which we will ask you for some background information and some personal questions about your motivation. Please take your time to think about the questions before you fill it in, because this is the information we will use to find you a mentor. Due to the high number of applications in the last round, we had to make a selection out of all the candidates, this will mostly be based on your motivation. If you have been selected, we’ll  use your CV as a reference point to see what type of mentor might fit your profile.



While the mentorship programme is completely free of charge, we do expect students to participate actively in the programme. This means taking initiative in contacting your mentor, attending all the training sessions and preparing for the sessions.



*Please note that we may call you with some follow up questions, however this does not guarantee we will be able to find you a suitable mentor.

Giving back

For this new programme, we ask the mentees to become mentors and role models to a younger generation by organising an event or activity to promote diversity and gender equality at a primary or high school of choice. The mentee will be allowed to organise this however they please and any school of choice and we are completely open to creative ideas. Ideas could be to host a talk for high school kids to tell them about women or diversity in STEM, organise a workshop to get to know STEM fields or an informative event about future career possibilties or a cool project you are working on. We ask this because we put a lot of time into organising this programme, which is completely free of charge, as a return favour we hope to spread awareness for the topics across more people.



Wies is a top-lawyer-turned-HR-Director-turned-coach-slash-consultant, who recently returned to her native Netherlands, after working and living across the globe for nearly a decade.


Through her coaching and consulting practice Women In Negotiation, she helps corporate career women realise their worth, communicate it and get them the positions and salaries they want through her online group coaching program WIN.


Wies is a sought-after keynote speaker and workshop trainer, inspiring
women to proactively negotiate for everything they want, need and deserve in their careers and lives.


Wies has trained hundreds of women around the world how to have career-defining conversations and get their dream jobs and salaries – with tangible, life-changing results for her clients, changing the bottom-line for the companies they work for in the process.
In this 3 part training , she will dive deeper into the topics she covered during the Webinar: How to Find a Job You Love. She especially tailored these trainings for students and will cover: finding out what you want, how to get it and negotiating that first offer.

Potential mentors

Tips from past mentors

Apply now!

*Registrations will be processed on a rolling basis meaning that FULL=FULL! The registrations will close on the 22nd of January 2020.

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