Webinar: How to Find a Job You Love

Wednesday, December 16th 2020

13:00-14:00 Online via Zoom



Wies Bratby


Wies is a top-lawyer-turned-HR-Director-turned-coach-slash-consultant, who recently returned to her native Netherlands, after working and living across the globe for nearly a decade.


Through her coaching and consulting practice Women In Negotiation, she helps corporate career women realise their worth, communicate it and get them the positions and salaries they want through her online group coaching program WIN.


Wies is also a sough-after keynote speaker and workshop trainer, inspiring women to proactively negotiate for everything they want, need and deserve in their careers and lives.


How to find a job you love


Wies has trained hundreds of women around the world how to have career defining conversations and get their dream jobs and salaries – with tangible, life-changing results for her clients, changing the bottom-line for the companies they work for in the process.
In this 1-hour training session, she will give you her main tips for students as you prepare for your first job. Where do you start looking? How do you find the right job and how do you get that job?


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