Webinar: From Petroleum Engineering to Impact Investing

Tuesday, May 25th 2021

12:45-13:45 Online via Teams


Joanne de Jonge


Joanne studied Mining & Petroleum Engineering (Applied Earth Sciences) in Delft and worked at a large multinational for 10 years before joining a smaller energy company for 7 years. In September 2019 she joined Invest-NL as Strategy Director.


In her jobs, she most enjoys having to make choices in uncertain settings. Be it the uncertainty about the geological subsurface in her previous roles, or the uncertainty around investing in new technologies supporting the energy transition in her current role. She does this by bringing together the required people and expertise, listening to their input and advice and integrating these into her decisions.


From Petroleum Engineering

to Impact Investing


Are you trying to decide what to do with your engineering background or do you wonder what having a super technical education means for your future job opportunities? Do you sometimes feel like you have to stay in the specific field you studied for but are you thinking about working in another field or sector?

A lot of students with a technical background were wondering the same thing, which is why we’ve invited Joanne de Jong to share her story about how she switched her career from an engineering role to a field that she didn’t actually study in. This event aims to show you that there’s a lot more possible than you might think for students with a STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) background, and that it is possible to follow a career path that might not be directly related to your studies and that the decision you make when you first start has to be final.


In the first half-hour of this webinar, she will share with you the personal choices and experiences in her career journey so far and how, here too, taking in advice and experience from others has helped her along the way. Afterwards, there is room for a Q&A session with Joanne.

By sharing her story she hopes, in turn, to help you make your own career or study choices and to encourage you to share your dreams with others!


What does Invest NL do? They are impact investors that want to make the Netherlands more sustainable and innovative, which requires dedication, patience and capital. More importantly, it needs entrepreneurs with great plans for the Netherlands. Invest-NL uses funds provided by the Ministry of Finance to provide captial to make those plans happen.


The reason we’ve decided to work with Invest NL is because they have a great cause and are very passionate about diversity and gender equality, which you can clearly see if you check out their team! Even better, they are looking for more people to join their team as an Investment Analyst or intern as Impact Engineer.

If you’re interested in themes such as the energy transition, circular economy or reduction in CO2 emissions be sure to check out the vacancies below as well.

On May 27th from 12:45-13:45 they will be hosting a Q&A session if you have any job specific questions. You have to speak Dutch to apply. To join just email: ewout.ruijs@invest-nl.nl

You will support a team of senior investment managers in the collection, structuring and analyzing of information for investment opportunities in venture capital, project financing and different investments and funds (subsidies). In addition you will contribute to important investment research on different companies (start-ups, scale-ups etc.) active in our focus areas such as the energy transition, circular economy and innovative scale-ups.

To be truly sustainable, Invest-NL also needs people that understand and have knowledge of how the technology and innovations that they’re looking to invest in work. During this internship, you will help the company analyze financial grants and requests. To evaluate the grants we need a clear picture of the potential impact of the investment. We want to know how the energy balance will look, the potential CO2 reduction, the degree of circularity, costs avoided per ton of CO2 and how they compare to alternative technologies.

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