Webinar: Female Founded

Thursday, October 22nd 2020

20.00 – 22.00 Online via Zoom

This evening we will be joined by three speakers and four role models, each of whom have founded their own companies or worked for a start-up or scale up. The speakers will tell you about their personal experiences with starting their own company, what challenges they have had to overcome and give you some advice about starting your company.


After each speaker there will be a breakout session, where the speakers and role models will join you in small groups of 4-5 students so that you have to opportunity to ask your own questions about being a female founder.

Join us for an inspirational digital evening about female founders.

Are you interested in entrepreneurship?

Are you considering starting your own company?

Do you want to know what it’s like to be a female founder?


Are you trying to decide whether being an entrepreneur is right for you?

Do you have an idea already but not sure how to start?

Are you an entrepreneur but need some advice from successful female founders?


Then this is your opportunity!


19:50 Walk-in

20:00 Opening

First theme: Story of a TU Delft almuna

Melanie Rieback

(Breakout 1 in small groups)

Second theme: Building your own company

Marian Spier

(Breakout 2 in small groups)

Third theme: Start up at Yes!Delft

Iryna Pakhomova

(Breakout 3 in small groups)


22:00 Closing 


Melanie Rieback

She is the founder of the world’s first not-for-profit computer security company, Radically Open Security, and the Post Growth Entrepreneurship incubator Nonprofit Ventures. She is also TU Delft alumnus and was named “Most Innovative IT Leader of the Netherlands” by CIO Magazine (TIM Award) in 2017, and one of the “9 Most Innovative Women in the European Union” (EU Women Innovators Prize) in 2019.

Marian Spier

Marian is a business professional, social entrepreneur and communication consultant.
After being bitten by the TED bug, she co-founded TEDxAmsterdam in 2009 and founded TEDxAmsterdamWomen in 2010 in order to give others a platform to spread their ideas. She continues to do so through her work as a social entrepreneur, whilst mentoring and coaching young female entrepreneurs worldwide and founded the first Female Startup Awards in the Netherlands.

Iryna Pakhomova

Iryna founded Nutrio Technologies, who developed a sensor based product that uses AI to predict trends and future needs of plants and won the “Rising Star” Yes!Delft award. She is passionate about innovation, catching trends and being the first to grasp new market opportunities. In addition, she was also the owner and director of the First Floral Company, the largest gardening e-store in Europe.

Role Models

Anke Huiskes1

Anke is the founding partner of Aletta Angels, an angel investment collective investing in female-led startups. She started her career at P&G and moved to San Francisco, where she joined Pebble Smartwatch. There she worked as an part-time at an Angel Investment Group focusing on Health Tech, which is where her passion for (women’s) health comes from.


Diane Janknegt-1

Diane has been selected by Forbes as one of the ‘100 Women Founders In Europe To Follow in 2019’. Her company Wizenoze was featured as the only Dutch company in The Disrupt 100 list, and is recently selected as “The top 10 Dutch companies to Watch in 2019” by Business Insider.

Marianne van Leeuwen

Innovator with 20+ years of experience in digital innovation, currently focussing on sustainable innovation. Founder of several start-ups in e-commerce, advertising and data analytics. Actively involved in sustainability projects in local government, such as energy transition and restoration of nature.

Marili Hooft Bolle

Marili is an experienced and energetic general manager who excels in high-growth environments. At WeTransfer, Marili’s expertise was in the international rollout of the company, analytics-based decision making and building optimal teams for business development and integration.

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