Beyond Finance

More than just finance

April 19th 2021- April 23rd 2021

Online via Zoom

Registrations for cases/game open till April 12th 23.59

From April 19th to April 23rd, Librae will be hosting the Beyond Finance Week, with the aim to give students a sneak peek behind the scenes of the finance sector, to show you there’s more to the finance sector than just finance. This week’s goal is to take you beyond the financial aspects of companies and show you what other kinds of opportunities there are as well as open your eyes to how students with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) background can also get into the financial world. In addition, it’s also an opportunity to meet some inspiring female role models from the financial sector and learn how it is to work in the sector.


This week consists of a series of events hosted by different companies from the financial sector who share the same goal: to show the different facets of working in the financial sector and what it has to offer for students in STEM! We are proud to introduce the three companies Torqx, ING, and Optiver who will each host multiple events, ranging from general sessions to specific cases, games or a training.


Torqx is a leading investment firm focused on medium-sized companies headquartered in the Benelux with attractive improvement and / or growth potential. We currently invest out of a EUR 150 million fund backed by highly reputable, international institutional investors and the Torqx team itself. Our team works closely together with executives and entrepreneurs to expand, improve or transform their enterprise. We take an entrepreneurial approach to investments and can offer both analytical and practical support to management to accelerate planning and implementation. The team consists of 15 investment professionals and has one of the best track records in the market.


Working at ING is to be surrounded by inspiring colleagues who insist constantly on being more tomorrow than we are today: not just by embracing a digital future — but by inventing it. We work continually to optimize pioneering, reliable and feasible technologies to improve our customers’ banking experience and the working lives of our people.


ING is a well known Dutch bank, with many more opportunities than just banking. These opportunities range from being a risk ‘detective’, to inventing a new digital future for their customers, to becoming a customer journey expert and providing customers with the best possible experience and finally using data analytics to provide valuable services to the customer.



Optiver is a market maker on many exchanges. That means we don’t merely aim to improve the markets in which we trade; we are, in fact, obligated to do so. We achieve this by continuously offering the narrowest bid-ask spread we can, which is the difference between the buying price and the selling price of a given financial instrument. In doing so, we inject liquidity into the market by ensuring there’s always a willing buyer and seller for the products we trade, which allows investors to transfer some of their risk onto us (which we’re able to offset in a multitude of ways). As a result, the markets operate more efficiently, and because we consistently quote our buying and selling prices, they also operate more transparently

13:00 Plenary: Introduction to Private Equity – What is PE? And what is it like to work at Torqx?
Open to everyone 

Elise van Dam
“My first day at Torqx was also the day Torqx announced its acquisition of Fabory, a leading international fastener distributor. From that day onwards I’ve worked intensely with the Fabory deal team on basically every deal aspect, from developing the new strategy to making sure the financials are reported on a weekly basis and implementing/ negotiation a new SAP contract. Simultaneously I got asked to look at various new deal opportunities, and end of 2020 I started working on what would become my first deal. I’ve now worked for almost 10 months at Torqx and I must say even after those 10 months I learn something new almost every day. This is because the work is so broad – no project is the same and usually involves different stakeholders and topics.”

Lorin Roobrouck
“Immediately when I started at Torqx I was asked to work on a very complex transaction. This meant that, right off the bat, I was working very closely with some of my colleagues to get this to the finish line. Coming from an organization with more hierarchy, it took me a while to adapt! Whether talking to a partner or analyst, I have received the same amount of respect and attention. I also needed to get used to a different way of working. At Torqx, you will not receive a list of small to do’s and changes to make, but you will be asked to take responsibility of certain parts of the process. This implies kind of being your own boss, deciding when you ask for assistance from the team, as well as taking responsibility to deliver a good result. Herein, the team is always willing to help, whether it is the direct deal team or the broader team. Of course, the flipside is that you carry a certain responsibility, and the team trusts that you will deliver quality and think proactively with the team. This way of work is quite challenging, but will push you to learn more, and is much more motivating to strive to achieve your own goals under the guidance of the team.
Aside from the professional atmosphere at Torqx, the team attaches great importance to interpersonal relationships in the office. No matter how busy the week, the team will free up time to lunch together, to grab a coffee, to drink a glass of wine or (Belgian) beer on a Friday afternoon… Since my move from London to Amsterdam, I have not felt alone for one second thanks to the team! I am incredibly impressed by the professional quality of my colleagues, but even more so of the great personal connection I have made with each colleague.”
14:00 Case: This is Private Equity!
Open to selected students based on CV and motivation, limited spaces available.
Working in Private Equity means working at the intersection of consultancy, finance and entrepreneurship. During the event you will experience an entire investment trajectory of an industrial company and get an inside view on the many aspects of our job. You will analyze the company on an operational, financial and strategic level, and formulate why you believe this is a great investment. You will make a valuation of the company, calculate how the company can become more valuable and what the returns will be. But great plans alone are not enough! Together we will determine how we can actually get them up to speed. Join us in the challenge to build winning companies!

13:00 Training: Purpose to Impact with Saskia Souverijn
Open to selected students based on CV, limited spaces available.

At ING we believe you never stop developing. The only way to make a difference is by pursuing your own purpose: you can only develop your craftsmanship if you understand what drives you from within. Your wellbeing is also closely linked to your purpose and whether this purpose is consistent with what the organizations/employer expects of you. Once revealed, your purpose will help you make decisions that suits you. In this workshop we will set the first step to finding your purpose, because at ING we believe that this is an important step in your career.

Maximum of 20 participants, so sign up now!

15:00 Plenary: Find that Right Job Using the “Dinosaur” Diagnostic by Haritha Khandabattu
Open to everyone

IT Chapter Lead and Cluster Lead Haritha was born in India, where she studied engineering in information technology. She subsequently did an MBA in international finance while working with Cognizant for JP Morgan UK. During a city trip to Amsterdam, she fell in love with the city and decided to move to the Netherlands and started working at ING.

Haritha regularly speaks at events on introverted leadership and topic diversity in leadership. She has been involved in more sessions and workshops within ING, for various departments and also for RING: ING’s young employees’ network. “I find it important to share my thoughts on what I call ‘compassionate leadership’. If we want people to give their best and be creative, we should be caring about creating a safe and trusted working environment for everyone.” During the Beyond Finance Week she speaks on the “Dinosaur” diagnostic.

16:00 Panel: ING Women in the spotlight

Open to selected students based on CV.

The last event of ING on Tuesday is an opportunity to talk with three female employees of the company. These women will form the ING Panel. First, they will tell shortly about their experiences of working at ING. And after that, there is time to ask all your questions. The women who will be in the panel be announced soon on our socials.

13:00 Game
Open to selected students based on CV and motivation, limited spaces available.
If you thrive in an environment where you are propelled to new limits every day, then Optiver is the place for you. So, what is it that we do and why does it lie at the cutting-edge of technology, trading and research?
During this game with Optiver, they will explain what trading is and how it has developed over the years. A female trader and data analyst will share their personal stories of how they got to Optiver, what their days look like and how they experience the trading culture.
Next they will explain what market making is and how it works. With this knowledge you will be able to experience what trading is like on our simulation trading platform where we will play a game. We always want to make our events as interactive and educational as possible, so bring your interest and questions to the event and we hope to peak your interest in trading!

More info coming soon.

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