May Newsletter


PwC Pyramid Thinking for Presentations: June 2nd Time: TBA 

The art of speaking persuasively and engaging your audience is a subtle one: You want to get your point across clearly, but an endless list of bullet points is rather dry and uninspiring. Learn to use the  Pyramid method in this workshop! Registrations will open up soon, so keep an eye on our socials!

In the News

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Series

US researchers found that by the age of six, girls already see themselves as less innately talented than their male counterparts. This is not surprising considering the narratives they are served before they go to sleep: The majority of children’s books still portray traditional gender roles and stereotypes. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls provides an alternative: It is filled with beautifully illustrated stories about diverse real life heroines like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Williams sisters, Michelle Obama.. A wonderful gift for any children in your family! (Also available in Dutch)

Women to Watch Podcast

Female leaders are still in the minority, despite the clear evidence that women do  score higher on numerous leadership skills. Women to Watch shines a spotlight on the women who made it to the top: Microsoft’s Shy Averett, Kinzie Capital Partners founder Suzanne Yoon and Mandy Price, CEO of tech platform Kanarys and many others share the stories behind their titles. Particularly Price’s Kanarys stood out to us: the platform aims to improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace through gathering data and insights to diagnose, prioritize, and optimize DEI efforts. By facilitating reflection of their organization’s biases and allowing employees to safely express their concerns, Mandy believes they can make structural changes that support effective diversity. 

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