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Webinar:Geen Toekomst zonder Innovatie 8th of April


This webinar is a good, inspiring start to your Thursday morning: It is hosted by Janneke Niessen, co-founder of venture capital fund CapitaIT, which invests in tech companies. She knows like no other how to fuel innovation in businesses and how to use that knowledge to coach starting entrepreneurs. Sign up and learn how you can kick-start innovation in your own organization. 


Beyond Finance Week April 19-23

A thematic week full of events, where you can explore what it is like to work at three major firms in the finance sector. There are panels with several people active in the organizations, challenging cases and of course many opportunities to network! There are limited spots for the cases, so sign up before the 6th of April!



In the News

Bold Made – An Old Maid Upgrade

Ever played a game of  “Old Maid” (or, as it is called in Dutch in an even more outdated manner, “Zwarte Pieten”) ? Leslie Pierson and her son decided to create Bold Made, an updated version of the card game with various inspiring women, from artists to scientists and from activists to politicians. Play the classic game, or explore aptly chosen action cards like “equal pay”, “equal opportunity” or “ally” to make the game more advanced. With beautiful artwork and conversation-sparking rules, this game is a great way to find new role models while also having fun! Rather than avoiding the old maid, the aim is to pursue the gold maid. Now that’s a fun way to turn outdated notions around!

Wonder Women Tech – Podcast

Inspiring resilience, embracing the imperfect self and putting boundaries on self-doubt: These all sound like themes for a self-development retreat. However, they are the very real challenges that women in STEM face and discuss in the Wonder Women Tech podcast. From entrepreneurs to astronauts, there is room to discuss both their incredible achievements and the struggles they face.  Produced by a diverse, all-female team, you can expect weekly mentorship and inspiration from the wide range of  superheroes STEM has to offer. 

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