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Think Again – Adam Grant

“Argue like you’re right, but listen like you’re wrong” is one of the guiding principles that Adam Grant holds himself to. These times certainly call for critical thinking, but now that we spend a lot of time at home, it becomes all that much easier to get stuck in a bubble of your own thoughts and opinions. Think Again invites you to embrace the joy of being wrong, exploring what you don’t know and letting go of views that no longer serve you. We don’t have to believe everything we think or internalize everything we feel, and mental flexibility is a key skill in a complicated, rapidly changing world. Longing to burst out of your bubble? Pick up Think Again!

STEM, HONEY – Podcast Miniseries of Damn, Honey

Damn, Honey is already one of the Librae Team’s favorite podcasts for its broad variety of topics surrounding diversity and inclusivity, while keeping a fresh, comedic tone that does not patronize its listeners. For election season, Marie-Lotte and Nydia host short episodes with the party leaders of the main political parties. They come prepared with various questions to investigate how much action a party is truly taking to support inclusivity and equality. In short episodes of about 20 minutes, the big players of Dutch politics are on the stand about their views on feminism and diversity on a grander scale. Perhaps an interesting way to get to know the leader of your current choice a bit better and affirm or rethink your choice? Whatever you decide, Vote, Honey!

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