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Webinar “What you should know about your personal finance”  with Liesbeth Rutgers, founder of Triple-R Riskmanagement & Consultancy

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A new year means new, exciting opportunities for the network. In 2020 we launched our very first Mentorship programme, and now in 2021, applications are open for the second group of mentees! Sign up here if you want to get to know yourself better, set actionable personal and professional goals and learn from a successful mentor who can help you along the way. Not sure if it’s for you? Check out this interview with Verena, one of our mentees, and discover her takeaways from the programme.


On the 16th of December we hosted a webinar with Wies Bratby, founder of Women in Negotiation. She gave us valuable insights in how many people approach finding their dream job wrong and how negotiation can change your life. Wies will go deeper into negotiation during the masterclasses she will give in the Mentorship programme, so if you want to see more of her, sign up!


We have another exciting event in store in February: Liesbeth Rutgers tells us all about personal finance and share tips that might give you a whole new perspective into your finances.  Liesbeth he also invited Martien van Winden, author of  ‘Je leeftijd als goudmijn’, to share his message on the power of starting investing young. If you want to get your personal finances on track for the new year, mark down the 10th of February in your planner!


Unity, Standing up for yourself and giving back
Fresh winds are blowing through Silicon Valley, as Google workers form the Alphabet Worker’s Union. Over the years, employee activism has become more prevalent, even in the tech industry, but it is not without risk. After speaking up about the inherent bias in some of Google’s AI systems, top AI researcher Timnit Gebru (one of the few black women in Google’s higher echelons) was fired. She and many other underrepresented (ex- )Googlers agree that institutional racism played a prominent role, and naturally this can presents a threat to the already limited diversity in the teams that create Google’s pervasive products. Hopefully, the Union will help employees support each other in their activism and help address workplace harassment, inclusivity and ethics. 


After all, we still have a long way to go: Even if the workforce becomes more diverse, the assumption that  boardrooms will eventually come to reflect that is incorrect. This report shows how the main causes that employees do not get promoted include “a weak sense of belonging and difficulty navigating professional environments”, which is logically prevalent in underrepresented groups. Therefore, leadership has typically not grown more diverse, and the report discusses the barriers that need to be broken in order for this to happen. And hopefully, a virtuous cycle of representative leadership making better decisions to support a diverse, productive workforce will be the result.


TED speaker Kluane Adamek also highlights the importance of leadership in the name of those you represent and your values. The first step is simply showing up for yourself and others. Especially as part of an underrepresented group she has found it important to contribute and create a space for other indigenous women to learn and grow as well. To her, giving back is a way of connecting to the land and grounding herself. We can all keep this in mind if we are permeating a  (work)space previously not housing anyone else with your background, but Kluane also reminds us that we must take care of ourselves first, as otherwise we are not able to stand up for everyone else. With that in mind, let’s give ourselves some time to reflect and relax with some stimulating entertainment…


Spiritual Success and Fresh Inspiration for 2021
A good mentor can really help you on your way to your goal through honest conversation, sharing experiences and asking the right questions. But one of our mentees, Verena, also received a book recommendation from her mentor Rina Joosten-Rabou: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. Success and spirituality can and should go hand in hand, and working on your mindset and beliefs is not just good for your professional life, but also for your personal wellbeing. Have a look at the tips section to find out more!


Looking for some more bite-sized blasts of motivation? The women at the Encyclopedia Womannica podcast serve it to you in 5- to 10 minute episodes. Unlike most history classes, this podcast does cover a wide variety of women worth looking up to. From politicians to musicians and from lesser known “Local Legends” to STEMinists (right up our alley), Encyclopedia Womannica can provide great new insights to anyone looking for a quick, accessible and uplifting work break. 


What do all these women have in common? They found something they care about and hoped to imbue their values in their field, so that it may become more inclusive and accessible to others. In a new year that will likely still be spent inside, we hope you find ways to connect your role and your values. And even if they seem unaligned, that just means you have an opportunity to explore how you can contribute (in collaboration with like-minded people) to make your environment more empowering and welcoming for everyone!


All the best for 2021,

The Librae Team

In the News

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

A real classic in the realm of insightful non-fiction, this book goes beyond the arbitrary “work hard, you reap what you sow” narrative. It helps you tune in to your body, your mind, and your intuition. It may sound a bit wishy-washy, but making room for your inner life in your professional life (and preferably aligning them) can never hurt! The seven laws cover everything from potential to energy, causality, intention setting and ultimately, creating a purposeful life. 

A great read to start off the new year with!

Encyclopedia Womannica – Podcast

This podcast is a history lesson, a pep talk and fuel for inspiration all in around 5 minutes! It covers groundbreaking women like Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Margaret Thatcher, but those less widely known in the subsection Local Legends. They also cover Storytellers, Politicians, Activists, Musicians and our personal favourite: STEMinists. No matter what you are interested in, you are bound to find a new role-model that made a real impact in her field!

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