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3 Dec
Aerospace Engineering Diversity day – Christine Darden from NASA

16 Dec 13:00
Librae Event with Wies Bratby – Founder Women In Negotiation 


Anytime – Survey 

In the News

Ask for It – Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever

As you may be preparing for Wies Bratsby’s Women in Negotiation event at Librae, why not explore some strategies yourself by reading this book? Negotiations are not a zero-sum game, and Babcock and Laschever explain exactly how you can know your worth, communicate it and reach a decision that benefits everyone around the table. Growing up, girls are not encouraged as much to be assertive and speak on their own behalf as boys are: Women who negotiate brilliantly for others (lawyers like Wies for instance!) still struggle advocating for themselves. So why not take the first step this holiday season with your wishlist, and Ask for It? 

Waarom Werken Vrouwen Niet? – Documentary Series

The Netherlands is a “Parttime Paradise”, where many employers are open to smaller contracts. The result is that many women reduce their working hours after giving birth to take care of their family. Why is the mother considred the main caretaker, and the man the main breadwinner? And why do women in other Western European countries, like Belgium and France, do retain fulltime positions? Whether it is a question of ambition, ingrained sexism or something else entirely: Liesbeth Staats gathers the perspectives from numerous Dutch women, politicians (including Sigrid Kaag) and sociologists, all in the hopes of finding out: Why don’t women work?

dgadzsdhhhaNegotiating your way to the top, women in the workforce (and in Congress!) and COVID reparations and recovery: find it all in our December newsletter!
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