Meet a Mentee: Marsha Goei

Marsha Goei
Lieke Pijpers, Marsha's mentor

The first workshop of the Librae Mentorship programme has taken place and the mentees have had several opportunities to meet and connect with their mentors. Let’s check in with one of them!


Marsha Goei, Co-founder of the Breeze dating app, is one of the participants of Librae’s Mentorship Programme. Breeze grew quickly since its founding in 2019, and Marsha and her team soon had to make decisions about what to focus on, their studies or their budding business? An impactful decision like that can lead to many questions, as it did for Marsha. “ I was not sure if I was making the right choices, and I had many doubts about whether I was able to make it all happen.” When the opportunity to be paired with a mentor, who, in many ways, was walking the same path as her, Marsha signed up for the mentorship programme.


Lieke Pijpers studied the same course as I did and in many ways she is where I might want to be in 5 years. We have many things in common and her experience really helps me reflect about situations in my own team”.


They have been meeting regularly to discuss their most recent ups, downs and new insights. Marsha is currently shifting her role within Breeze from working on the product to the growth side. Lieke encourages her to try many different positions in the company, because at the beginning it is still easy to explore the options. Marsha comments: “It is nice to be confirmed in my decisions by someone who’s already been where I am at”. 

It has also proven nice to interact with a community of ambitious young women. “You don’t always talk about your professional life with your friends. The community that we’re forming is really nice, you feel less alone in your aspirations.” Marsha expresses that it really is a unique opportunity. When do you otherwise get the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with professionals who are the (by manner of speaking) 10-year older version of you? “It has been really helpful to discuss both my dreams and doubts with peers and my mentor, as my male teammates do not always understand phenomena like the imposter syndrome that surfaces at times”.


According to Marsha, many young professionals around her struggle with the feeling that it is never enough, or doubting whether they have enough knowledge to make something happen. “When I discussed whether I should hire an external expert with Lieke, she countered that I am actually the expert in the most crucial field, being what is right for my company. I’d never really thought about it that way! I should try to have faith in my team’s internal capabilities first.”


As for her current ambitions regarding her personal development: “ I hope to explore the roles I can fulfill in the team more and be more honest about what tasks I do and do not want to do. In the mentorship programme, I also realized that my perfectionism leads to me delaying asking for feedback until I feel like I am done, which does not make me very receptive to comments on the “finished” product. I also need to process new information on my own, so I don’t always thrive in group meetings. I am going to do my best to communicate my needs more so that my team and I can collaborate effectively.”


The Librae Circle of mentees has been meeting up consistently for masterclasses and more informal discussions to support and help each other out. Another version of the mentorship programme will launch soon, so keep an eye on our channels if you’re interested in joining and developing your career roadmap as well as yourself alongside a seasoned professional!

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