Meet the Founders

Hi there!

We’re Fay de Waal and Simone Hilhorst and together we founded Librae this year to tackle diversity in Delft. We’ll update this page soon but for more information about how we got the idea check this article in the TU Delta (also available in Dutch).



Fay de Waal

Hi there! I’m Fay, originally I’m from Shanghai, China, where I was adopted and raised by Dutch parents and moved to the Netherlands to start my studies in Delft. Being from such a diverse and mulicultural city, I really had to get to used to life in Delft. However I never really stopped to think about it until last year when I came across all these women that were supporting each other and talking about diversity and gender equality. I also realised that these topics are hardly ever discussed among students, which is why I decided to start Librae.

Simone Hilhorst

Hi, I am Simone, a pre-master Econometrics  student in Rotterdam. In my premaster and during my bachelor in Delft I was never really aware about the lack of diversity and gender equality at universities. I was actually shocked about the low percentage female econometrics students because to me it seemed pretty equal during lectures. I guess I just don’t see the inequalities anymore. Talking about starting Librae made me aware and inspired me to make other people  aware of gender (in)equalities and stimulate them to start thinking and talking about these subjects too!

Meet the team

Hey! My name’s Loes, and I’m studying Chemical Engineering and Management of Technology at the TU! As I have lived in Delft for the past six years, I know what influences a male-dominated environment can have, both positive and negative. With Librae, I’m looking forward to taking another step in the direction of gender equality!


Hi, I’m Maartje! I’m currently graduating from my studies in Industrial Engineering at Unilever. I hope to be able to contribute to the (in)equality discussion in a positive way by organizing inspiring events focussed on equality and self-development!


Hi, I’m Femke! During my studies Maritime Technology at TU Delft, I came across many situations in which men were in the majority. Not only the ratio between female and male students at the lectures, also most lectures are given by men. This ensures that the technical sector radiates male dominance. The result is that it is more difficult for women to get a good idea of what they want to do and how to get there. With Librae, I hope we can change this image and make the STEM branch more accessible for women to join.


Hi all!

I’m Daphne. In February I started to be part of the Data Analytics team as an intern at Unilever to develop myself beyond my bachelor in Applied Mathematics. After that internship I will be starting a master in Econometrics. 

As a girl with a technical and analytic background it’s unavoidable that once or probably more than once you have to do with positive discrimination. My personal goal about genderequality and one of the reasons I joined Librae is to speed up the moment

 that the society and business have nothing to do with positive discrimination anymore.

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